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We take care of each other at Spacelab, and that means treating everyone with respect.

Respect One Another

How do we get our best work done? By seeking to understand that which we don't know.

Professional Attitude

We're a playful group of people who take our work seriously. Sounds contradictory. It's not.

A Maker's Spirit

Anything is possible -- at Spacelab we play with ideas, and figure out what works along the way.

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Members pay monthly to access our community. Membership gives you exclusive access and rights.

A decade of history
for VIP Members

Our space has been around for 10 years. Join us and benefit from years of experience and knowledge in the maker movement.

How To Apply

We're a tight-knit group of creators. Come visit us and to learn more about us.

Social & Gathering Event

Stop by one of our events or reach out for a tour. Check out what we're about.

Interview Face to Face

Interview with one of our members and get all of your questions about us answered.

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Apply to join. Memberships start at $50/month.

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Upcoming Events

We have events happening just about every week. Our next big one is Maker Camp!