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SpaceLab is a place for artists, engineers, craftspeople, and makers of all backgrounds to work and create together.

Programming, Married

Computer programming is a wonderful art! Join us and sharpen those skills, OR marry your programming skills with real world crafts using devices like microcontrollers.

Hone Your Craft

From sewing, soldering, and milling to home brewing beer, we have all types of craftspeople here at SpaceLab, and all kinds of classes geared toward honing your skills.

We are all makers, we can all create …

The best way to learn is to be around other ambitious people who are doing …

Member Spotlight


Jayson Margalus – Polymath

Jayson teaches game development at DePaul University, runs the indie game company Lunar Giant, has written for various publications including The Mokena Messenger and NBC Chicago, and co-founded the makerspaces Workshop 88 and SpaceLab. He’s passionate about empowering others to realize their full potential, whatever that may be.

Programming Sense
Electrical / Mechanical Engineering
Nice Guy


Cezar Jenkins – Senior Developer at SpotHero

Cezar works at a rapidly-growing startup in Chicago called SpotHero. As with many makers, Cezar’s passions branch well outside technology and into other interesting crafts and oddities. Aside from programming, he also repairs bicycles, chairs the south suburban cycling group Folks on Spokes, and homebrews craft beer.

Beer Brewing

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