How to Make Mokena a Technology Friendly Village

10-07-14 jay 0 comment

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about fundamentals. The things we could do as a village with technology to improve our everyday lives. Things that, once they existed, would be as natural as air. And I think I’ve come up with a pretty good short list.

These are a handful of technology initiatives that, for little investment, could improve our day-to-day lives in Mokena. As is often the case, the most fundamental changes are the ones that can have the biggest impact. Here’s a brief look at some ideas that could do just that:

Downtown Mokena wireless Internet

Imagine walking onto the downtown Mokena Metra station platform, pulling your cellphone out of your pocket (as many do when they wait for the train), and immediately dialing into high-speed wireless Internet. Imagine that, as you dialed into that Internet at the station, a curated list of upcoming village events and happenings displayed on your screen before you jump online. You scroll through the short list, add some of the events directly to the calendar on your phone, then go on to browsing the internet or checking your email.

Open government initiative

Technology gives us the ability to watch videos online of what our elected representatives talk about at board meetings. We also have the ability to research the demographics and statistics for the village’s population, and discuss online local government initiatives with other citizens who we’ve never met. But how many of us actually do that? And how easy is that information to find? The Village of Mokena should have an accessible central website that allows citizens to search for, and access, updated information and collected public data with ease.

More competition for Internet service providers

The limited range of Internet options that we experience in the suburbs enables telecommunications companies to offer subpar service, at mediocre prices, without worrying about competition. This is not only bad for all of our wallets but also threatens our ability to access information. As the Internet continues to become an essential tool in our daily lives, keeping these companies honest could never be more important. We should push for developing contracts with Internet providers that bring more options to Mokena.

Are you working on a cool technology project? Email with subject line “MOKENA TECH,” and I’ll get in touch to set up an interview.